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Chemix Specialty Gases and Equipment


Ultra High Pure Gas

CHEMIX handles specific range of Ultra High Pure Gases to match the need of the niche market of critical applications. CHEMIX High Pure Gases are guaranteed to be free of critical contaminants that can cause instrument interference and chromatographic column degradation. We achieve consistent high-purity through extensive cylinder preparation, marking dedicated cylinder for specific gas service, and statistical Quality Control. Use of CHEMIX pure gases optimize analytical results regardless of application and significantly extend instrument life

CHEMIX Pure Gases are specifically catered to the following needs:

  • Carrier & Detector for GC & GC-MC

  • Chemical Ionization Pure Gas for Mass Spectrometry

  • Elemental Analysis

  • Flame Ionization Fuel Gas Mixtures

  • Hydrocarbon Feedstock

  • Inert Pure Gases For Blanketing

  • Instrument Zero Gases

  • Mobile Phases for Supercritical Fluid Chromatography & Extraction

  • Reaction Chemistry & Chemical Processing

  • Thermal Conductivity Pure Gas


  • Zero Grade Gases
    CHEMIX handles specific range of Ultra High Pure Gases to match the need of the niche market of critical applications. CHEMIX High Pure Gases are guaranteed to be free of critical contaminants that can cause instrument interference and chromatographic column degradation. We achieve consistent

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    Zero Grade Gases

  • GC Grade Gases
    Gas chromatography (GC) is a common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition. Typical uses of GC include testing the purity of a particular substance, or separating the different components of a mixture.

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    GC Grade Gases

  • Analytical Grade Gases
    Analytical Grade Gases is a common type of Gases used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition. Typical uses of Analytical Grade Gases include testing the purity of a particular substance, or separating the different components of a

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    Analytical Grade Gases

Gas Mixture

Whether you require a Process Gas Mixture or a High Accuracy Calibration Gas Mixture for an analytical application, you can be sure that CHEMIX has the capability and expertise to meet your needs. Here we present a list of pure gases which are our input ingredient. A wide range of customized gas mixtures can be supplied as required. Gas and liquid mixtures are manufactured with in the limit of physics and chemistry from amongst the chemicals listed below.

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  • Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture
    Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture consists of a loose chain of hydrogen and oxygen to make a heterogeneous blend which is also known as natural gas. It is obtained in naturally in coal mines and can also be produced by decomposing organic matter which is then distilled to make highly flammable and volatile

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    Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture

  • Instrument Gas Mixture
    We hold immense expertise in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Instrument Gas Mixture. Processed as per the set industry standards and norms, these mixtures are known for their 100% pure composition, inflammability and non-toxic nature. The offered mixtures are processed by mixing methane,

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    Instrument Gas Mixture

  • Biogas Mixture
    Biogas is the mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen (anaerobically), primarily consisting of methane and carbon dioxide.   Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of combinations MSDS is furnished on

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    Biogas Mixture

  • Fire Extinguisher Gas Mixture
    Sodium bicarbonate, regular or ordinary used on class B and C fires, was the first of the dry chemical agents developed. In the heat of a fire, it releases a cloud of carbon dioxide that smothers the fire. That is, the gas drives oxygen away from the fire, thus stopping the chemical

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    Fire Extinguisher Gas Mixture

  • Fruit Ripening Gases
    Ethylene is a natural plant hormone released by the fruit as it ripens. Use of ethylene gas speed up the ripening of the fruits, Ethylene promotes ripening of fruits like banana, mango, papaya, pear, pineapple, orange, sweet lime.   Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of

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    Fruit Ripening Gases

  • Laser Gas Mixture
    Laser Gas Mixture that we offer is highly processed using advanced technologies and is suitable for various industrial applications. We make sure that our Laser Gas Mixtures go through a stringent quality-check before delivering to the customers. We provide Laser Gas Mixture at market leading

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    Laser Gas Mixture

  • Lighting Industry Gas Mixture
    We offer premium Lighting Gas Mixture is used in industries for multiple applications. Lighting Gas Mixtures, provided by us, are properly packaged in leak-proof cylinders and we make sure that these are quality-tested before dispatch. Our Lighting Gas Mixture is available at competitive

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    Lighting Industry Gas Mixture

  • Medical Gases
    Calibration Gas Mixtures as well Process Gas Mixtures in Hospitals and for Medical Treatment in following areas are being supplied regularly by CHEMIX.  Tri Gas Mixture PFT Gases  Slope Gas for Blood Gas Analysis Span Gases for Instrument Calibration Anaerobic & Aerobic Mixture for

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    Medical Gases

  • Special Shield Gas Mixture
    Different shielding gases play an important role in determining weld penetration profiles, arc stability, mechanical properties of the finished weld, the transfer process you use and more.   Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of combinations MSDS furnished on

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    Special Shield Gas Mixture

  • NOX Gas Mixture
    Nitrogen oxide (NOx) is a chemical compound of oxygen and nitrogen that is formed by reacting with each other during combustion at high temperatures, mainly combustion of fuel such as oil, diesel, gas and organic matter. NOx is a common designation of nitrogen oxides NO and NO2   Contact us

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    NOX Gas Mixture

  • SOX Gas Mixture
    Sulphur dioxide is a colorless gas with a sharp odor. Sulphur oxides dissolve easily in water and form sulphuric acid, which is an acidic solution. Sulphur dioxide is used within industry for example as bleach, disinfectant and preservation of food.   Few examples of SOX Gas Mixture are given

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    SOX Gas Mixture

  • P-10 Gas
    Gas flow proportional detectors are normally used to detect longer wavelength. They are filled with gas, typically a gas mixture of 90% argon & 10% methane (called as “P 10”). The argon is ionized by incoming X-ray photons, and the electric field multiplies this charge into a

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    P-10 Gas

  • Regeneration Mixture for Globe Box
    Regeneration gas desorbs molecular sieve beds chromatographically in the reverse order of the adsorption bed. For example, adsorbed methane and ethane would be desorbed first, then propane and heavier hydrocarbons, then carbon dioxide. This is followed by any hydrogen sulfide that might have been

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    Regeneration Mixture for Globe Box

  • TIG Welding Gases
    The normal gas for TIG welding is argon (Ar). Helium (He) can be added to increase penetration and fluidity of the weld pool. Argon or argon/helium mixtures can be used for welding all grades. ... For instance, the addition of hydrogen gives a similar, but much stronger, effect as adding

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    TIG Welding Gases

  • Electronic Grade Gases
    The gases used in the electronics industry are often the same molecules used in other industrial gases. For example: oxygen, argon or nitrogen. The difference is that they will be supplied at an extremely high purity. Whilst an industrial grade of nitrogen might be 99.98% pure, nitrogen supplied to

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    Electronic Grade Gases

Calibration Gas Mixture

Calibration Gas Mixture - more emphatically a degree of measurement - is our prime product. Gravimetric filling method as per ISO 6142 where the components are added sequentially using traceable weights and improvised manometer method as per ISO 6146 are followed. For Analysis, various GC methods and direct analysis methods as per IS, ISO and ASTM standards are used in the laboratory. Laboratory is maintained as per ISO 17025 (NABL). For certification, ISO 6141-2015 is being followed.


All our Calibration Gas Mixtures are delivered with a calibration certificate compliant to ISO 6141. Due to our thorough approach to quality; we are able to trace every mixture back to its original filling data. This data includes identification of cylinders, production process, actual component weights and chromatographic analysis results. Measuring devices like weighing scales and pressure gauges are calibrated against traceable weights and certified master gauges respectively on a regular interval. Furthermore the gas compositions are analyzed traceable to NIST or NPL references.


Preparation Tolerance defines the maximum permitted variation between the requested nominal concentration and the actual concentration supplied.


The Certification Accuracy defines the accuracy of the instruments used and method followed for analysis and certification. Standard uncertainty also calculated as and when required.


Final Pressure of the supplied gas depends on the vapor pressure of the component and its concentrations. We supply at maximum pressure permissible for the particular composition of gases in a given container.


We guarantee the homogeneity of the gas mixtures stable during the particular period of time. Selection of right cylinder and cylinder preparation followed rigorously to achieve stability.

We manufacture wide range of Calibration Gas Mixtures write from two components to multi components mixtures as required by the user.


  • 2-Component Calibration Gas Mixture

  • 3-Component Calibration Gas Mixture

  • 4-Component Calibration Gas Mixture

  • Multi-Component Calibration Gas Mixture

Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of combinations

MSDS is furnished on request





  • Hydrocarbon Standard Gas Mixture

    Hydrocarbon Standard Gas Mixture

  • Instrument Gas Mixture for Calibration

    Instrument Gas Mixture for Calibration

  • Multi-Component Gas Mixture

    Multi-Component Gas Mixture

  • CNG Mixture for Standard
    CNG is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, and is made up of methane as major, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, propane and traces of ethane. It is an environmentally clean alternative fuel, as its combustion process emits a lower percentage of greenhouse gases when compared to other fuels   Contact

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    CNG Mixture for Standard

  • Emission Testing Gas Standard
    Emission standards are the legal requirements governing air pollutants released into the atmosphere. Emission standards set quantitative limits on the permissible amount of specific air pollutants that may be released from specific sources over specific timeframes. They are generally designed to

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    Emission Testing Gas Standard

  • Environmental Monitoring Gas Standard
    Environmental monitoring describes the processes and activities that need to take place to characterize and monitor the quality of the environment. Environmental monitoring is used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, as well as in many circumstances in which human activities

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    Environmental Monitoring Gas Standard

  • NIST Traceable Gas Mixture
    A gas reference material manufactured by a commercial gas supplier but certified by NIST. NIST gas standards are equivalent to SRMs and are used to analyze and certify commercial gas mixtures, such as US EPA protocols.   Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of

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    NIST Traceable Gas Mixture

Gas Handling Equipment

While using the Gases either in Process or Instruments, various Gas Handling Equipment play major role. If proper and compatible equipment’s are not used one cannot get the desired results. Therefore we encourage the user to choose right equipment to handle and inject gases into the system.

Chemix Specialty Gases and Equipment is a leading firm in Manufacturing Gas Handling Equipment located in Bangalore. All equipment’s will be manufactured according to the requirements of the Clients.  

We have listed down following Gas Handling Equipment  

  • Gas Pressure Regulator

  • Gas Manifold

  • Cylinder Change-Over System

  • Gas Tubing / Piping

  • Gas Control Module

  • Point-Of-Use-Regulator

  • High Pressure Flexible Connection (HOSE)

  • Cylinder Trolleys

  • Cylinder Storage

  • Gas Cabinets

  • Gas Purification Panel

  • Gas Flow Meter

  • Gas Leak Detector

  • Fume Chamber

  • Gas Generators

  • Gas Scrubbers

Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of combinations




  • Cylinder Auto Changeover System
    For uninterrupted supply of gases into a system through manifold, manual change-over system or auto change over-system are being used. CHEMIX design manifolds with both manual and auto change-over system as per the requirement of particular service, no of cylinders, output pressure and considering

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    Cylinder Auto Changeover System

  • Fume Chamber
    While handling various chemicals in laboratory, it is absolutely necessary to protect laboratory personnel and surrounding from vapors and gases beyond permissible limit. Scientific Fume Chambers being used with proper extractor and flow control mechanism to serve the purpose. We supple various

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    Fume Chamber

  • Gas Control Module
    Whether any particular gas is being distributed to various points of usage or various gases are being channelized into one system in the laboratory, proper gas distribution system is very essential for the right result. We design gas distribution systems on the basis of various parameters

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    Gas Control Module

  • Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets
    CHEMIX Gas Cabinets & Panels are designed to dispense gases in a controlled manner to a given process and protect the surrounding from exposure to gases & chemicals. Any industry using or processing hazardous gases should consider these products. We design Gas Cabinet and control panes

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    Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets

  • Gas Cylinder Trolley
    To move cylinders from one place to other place, cylinder trolleys are being used. Specific trolleys for different sizes of cylinders are available. We make single cylinder trolleys and double cylinder trolleys having different combination of wheels. We also manufacture Step Trolleys to move the

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    Gas Cylinder Trolley

  • Gas Flow Meter
    Gas Flow Meter is used to regulate the flow of gas in to the system. Different types of flow meters are available depending on service, flow range and list count. Depending on application – Rota meter, Mass flow meter or Mass flow controllers are selected for the optimum

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    Gas Flow Meter

  • Gas Generators
    Our range of generators includes Cryogenic, Adsorption & Membrane technologies to meet all typical flow pressure & purity requirements of on-site gas generation. We supply Gas Generators for analytical instrumentation including Hydrogen Generators for fuel and carrier gas, Nitrogen

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    Gas Generators

  • Gas Leak Detector for Hazardous Gases
    While using toxic, flammable and hazardous gases in any system, it is essential to check any leakage in the system for safe handling and ensuring the safety of personnel in the Laboratory and the environment. Leak Detectors which are fitted with specific sensors are used to detect any leakage in

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    Gas Leak Detector for Hazardous Gases

  • Gas Manifold
    Manifold is the first step for the Gas Distribution System. There are different types of manifolds like Cylinder Mount, Single Cylinder Manifold, 2-CylinderManifold, Multiple Cylinders Manifold & Gas Bank. Usually change-over systems are connected with manifold. We design and fabricate as per

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    Gas Manifold

  • Gas Pressure Regulators
    Gas Pressure Regulator - an essential tool for gas handling system - is a device to control ‘downstream pressure’ from ‘upstream source’ in line with required working pressure that allows optimum gas to flow into the system. To use in Specialty Gases, the regulator must be

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    Gas Pressure Regulators

  • Gas Purification Panel
    Carrier Gases in laboratory are connected with Gas Purification Panel for reduction of impurities particularly Oxygen, Moisture & Hydrocarbon. The Regulator, Pressure Gauge and Valves (toggle) are connected in the Purification Panel for controlling the gas flow into the system. Various

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    Gas Purification Panel

  • Gas Scrubbers
    Hazardous gases, while emitting from the outlets in various laboratories, need to be neutralized using proper desiccants or channelized through a device containing required chemicals before releasing into the atmosphere. We supply Scrubbers in standard model as well as customized design specific to

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    Gas Scrubbers

  • Gas Tubing for Laboratory
    We supply and install Gas Pipelines and Tubing with fittings and fixtures and also orbital welding as required. We design, fabricate and commission the system, for various laboratories. We take up turnkey projects.    Contact us with your specific needs, we provide all types of

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    Gas Tubing for Laboratory

  • Metal High Pressure Flexible Connection Hose
    For Trouble-free & steady flow of gases, instead of rigid tube connecting cylinder to Manifold, Stainless Steel braided High Pressure Flexible Hose with the safety rope and spring is recommended. We supply different qualities, sizes and fittings depending on service &

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    Metal High Pressure Flexible Connection Hose

  • Point-Of-Use Regulator
    In continuation with the details mentioned in the Gas Pressure Regulator, we here by mention the Specific Regulator at the point of usage in a laboratory. Gas supplied from the gas manifold system through the pipelines and tubing reaches the laboratory at particular pressure for which a control

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    Point-Of-Use Regulator

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