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Chemix Specialty Gases and Equipment


Gas Handling Equipments

  • Gas Pressure Regulator
    An essential tool for gas handling system is a device to control ‘downstream pressure’ from ‘upstream source’ in line with required working pressure that allows optimum gas to flow into the system. To use in Specialty Gases, the regulator must be made with stainless steel or

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    Gas Pressure Regulator

  • Gas Manifold System

    Type : Manifold Valves

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Condition : New

    Finishing : Coated

    Warranty : 1 Year

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    Gas Manifold System

  • Gas Cylinder Trolley

    Size : Multisize.

    Type : Trolley

    Condition : New

    Finishing : Polished

    Country of Origin : India

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    Gas Cylinder Trolley

  • Gas Purification Panel

    Body Material : M.S

    Flow Rate : 300 Lpm

    Automation Grade : Automatic

    Brand : Chemix

    Gas Requirements : Any Gases

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    Gas Purification Panel

  • Gas Leak Detector

    Type : Gas Leak Detector

    Material : Aluminum

    Color : Black

    Feature : Accuracy, Alarm System, Eco Friendly

    Condition : New

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    Gas Leak Detector

  • Laboratory Fume Chamber

    Type : Fume Hood

    Material : Metal

    Shape : Rectangular, Square

    Application : Laboratory Use

    Condition : New

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    Laboratory Fume Chamber

  • Gas Distribution System

    Type : Power Transmission Equipment

    Weight : 100-1000kg, 1000-2000kg

    Color : Brown, Grey, White

    Voltage : 110V

    Condition : New

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    Gas Distribution System

  • Gas Scrubber

    Type : Gas Scrubbers

    Application : Scrubbing

    Weight : 100-1000kg, 1000-2000kg

    Color : Light White

    Condition : New

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    Gas Scrubber

  • Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinet

    Size : Commercial

    Type : Gas Cylinder

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Color : Blue

    Country of Origin : India

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    Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinet

  • High Pressure Flexible Connection Hose
    With us, one can stay assured for safe deliveries as we make use of premium material for packaging the lot. Also, we make sure that the material is sourced from the trusted places only. Broad connectivity, dependable transportation facilities, we deliver the product basket to the customers within

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    High Pressure Flexible Connection Hose

Gas Mixtures

One of the properties of gases is that they blend in with one another and form Gas Mixtures. At the point when they do as such, they become an answer—a homogeneous combination. A portion of the properties of gas blends is not difficult to decide whether we know the creation of the gases in the blend.


In gas Mixtures, every segment in the gas stage can be dealt with independently. Every segment of the blend has a similar temperature and volume. Recollect that gases extend to fill the volume of their holder; gases in a combination do that too. The best Gas Mixtures are specially tested by the chemist.


Special Application Mixtures

  • Medical Gases

    Country of Origin : India

    Brand Name : Chemix

    Purity : 99.999 %

    Packaging Size : Cylinder

    State : Gas

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    Medical Gases

  • Instrument Gas Mixture

    Electron Capture Gas Mixture: P-10, (Methane 10% + Argon Balance) : CG360402001

    Aerobic Mixtures : (2.5%CO2+21% O2+BAL N2)

    Anaerobic Mixtures : (5%CO2+10%H2+BAL N2)

    Blood Gas Mixtures : (5%CO2+BAL N2)

    Packaging Size : 47 Ltr

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    Instrument Gas Mixture

  • Laser Gas Mixture

    Country of Origin : India

    Application : Laboratory

    Usage : Making Lasers

    Gas Mixture Type : Gas Mixture

    Brand : Chemix

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    Laser Gas Mixture

  • Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture

    Benzene : 55 %

    Type : Mixtures

    Packaging Type : Cylinders

    Finish : Coated

    Cylinder Material : Steel

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    Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture

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